Company Profile

With over 50 year experience in laminating glass, safety glass and bulletproof glass industry , BARTEZ GLASS has a policy to supply the best bullet resistant glass in terms of ballistics performance , optical clarity , finishing and innovative solutions. BARTEZ GLASS offers bullet rezistans glass products for protection against a wide range of ballistic threat levels and a complete line of security products , including all-glass laminated and glass-clad polycarbonates according to custom design.With several configurations of glass installed in both mobile platforms and architectural structures worldwide ; BARTEZ GLASS knows the fact that there is no limit for further requirements from its customers. Therefore; BARTEZ GLASS have continuously improved processes, assemblies and formulas as new innovative materials are released.

Our team knows the importance of Research - Development and welcomes to collaborate design projects with new clients. BARTEZ GLASS is continuously assessing and testing current designs and improving them to make them the lightest and thinnest in the industry without sacrificing ballistic protection performance. BARTEZ GLASS out rivals in delivering custom engineered solutions and systems tailored to your exact security specifications. Today; We are proud to supplying our best quality and cost effective bullet resistant glass to 25 different countries in USA, Middle East, Africa and Far East. BARTEZ GLASS facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified, highlighting quality management.