We have the best technical and human team to guarantee quality in each step of the glass making process.
Our staff is highly trained to handle components and use specialized machinery..

We have the experience and technology to make muzzles or gunport in our glasses without compromising the structural protection and ballistic properties of the glass. This allows response actions from inside the vehicle to hostile situations. k1
k1 Polyurethane has a higher adhesion capacity than polyvinyl butyral (PVB).
It offers us a solid guarantee of durability against incidents of delamination of your glass. Delamination is a process by which the layers of glass and polycarbonate separate, allowing air to enter between them, stimulating the formation of fungi and bacteria that produce an opaque effect on the glass. A Haze effect can be noticed when a glass appears cloudy, losing its clarity.
As part of the quality controls, distortion and double vision are checked to ensure comfortable driving of the vehicle. The test consists of placing the glass on an easel and illuminating it with the projection of an image while moving from right to left to analyze the result of the projection through the glass.
They must offer a quality in their optics that is reflected in maximum sharpness, clarity and transparency.
k1 Lighter, more resistant glasses, new formulas and technologies
Premium finish on its edges with an aesthetic that helps maintain the originality of the vehicle.
perfect balance between its components of manufacture, ballistic resistance and optics.
At the end of each stage of the manufacture of armored glass, the product is carefully checked to ensure that the next process begins without any defect, at the end of the manufacturing process, the glass is subjected to a final control to guarantee the product. k1